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This story BUGS me. No one cares about the way this man is spending his time in prison. It is not newsworthy. The multiple New England area news stations that have run this story did so
because they know people will read a story with his name on it.

Where is the story about how Odin Lloyd’s family is spending the time? Where is the story diving deeper into the lives of the professional athletes that live “thug” lives? Where is the story that criticizes the multiple chances we give them simply so owners can profit from their “Talents”.

It’s stories like this that make me want to talk to all of you and do whatever I can to help you share your stories – the unheard stories of people who truly NEED to be heard.

Sleep well RHV Fam,



Aaron Hernandez is making the most of his time behind bars, and his “roommates” couldn’t be happier.

The former Patriots tight end is receiving letters from women in prison but he’s passing them off to fellow prisoners, who respond to these ladies with hopes of becoming pen pals, reports TMZ.

The website recently acquired a couple of letters written by two of Hernandez’s acquaintances behind bars. The letters were sent to women who originally wrote Hernandez but, according to the report, the former tight end is playing matchmaker and setting up some of his pals for potential relationships on the other side of the wall.

One letter, from “Ronnie” (a.k.a. “Rondo”), states that he was in prison for beating up a cop and that he has 65 tattoos. If that’s not your thing, the 21-year-old describes himself as “Portuguese and Italian,” and “more lean and cut up, rather than bulky.”

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