The following was written as part of WordPress’ Daily Prompt series:

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Dear Al Roker:

I have to say, man, you’re pretty awesome. You’ve worked at a major news program for a long time (since 96, if your Wikipedia page is correct), you’ve lost a bunch of weight (I’ve done that a couple of times so I understand what goes into that) and you’re pretty funny – much props.

So Al, I hope you don’t mind if I call you Al – I have this thing with calling people Mr. It doesn’t feel right to me. It feels more like an admission of age rather than respect. I hope you don’t mind that I write this anonymous letter to you. I don’t know if I am jealous of you, just respect you, or simply have you in my head because I first saw this prop while watching the Today show. Regardless of the rationale for writing the letter, it’s getting written to you.

I think a partial reason for me is my budding journalism career. I am about to finish college and will be looking to find work – well, anywhere. Maybe it is a respect thing then. You’ve worked at one of the most highly respected morning shows for the better part of 20 years and well, that’s cool man.

One more thing, I don’t get the logic behind this prompt. I mean, I understand writing an anonymous letter to someone if I am doing this prompt in some sort of classroom. No one would read it. But here, written in searchable blogs with our names plastered all over them, doesn’t that seem like something that wasn’t really thought through? Maybe that’s just me.

Anyways Al, keep doing what your doing.

-Anonymous (or go to the front screen and find my actual name … Nick, it’s Nick. I’m Nick).

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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