Part of what I did this weekend was a social media memorial event on a page I run with my friend. Check out the recap (and the facebook page).

Remembering Homicide Victims

I think it is safe to say that this past weekend’s event was one of the most rewarding experiences we have had while doing our Remembering Homicide Victims (RHV) project. Throughout the past two days we have acquired more than 150 new likes, added 70-plus photos to the wall (and it is still growing, mind you) and discovered the heart wrenching stories that ache so many of our lives.

wall 2

When we figured out we wouldn’t have the finances to do a physical event for a second year in a row we were a little depressed. We had such a great experience advocating for our loved ones the first time around, to think that we would miss it just because of a lack of funds was hard to process. I think, by going through that experience, the success of the event this weekend was even more sweet.

While we don’t have all…

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