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Remembering Homicide Victims

I almost don’t know what to say, really. I can’t believe this is our second annual RHV event (Although, I don’t know if it counts because it is totally online).

Remember ThemThis year has been a year of tragedies: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Trayvon Martin, The Boston Bombers. It seems like every time we turn on our news there is another instance of violence to hear about. It saturates our culture. Some days it is easy to feel like the value of a life is diminishing.

I guess that is why I really find Remembering Homicide Victims to be a very important thing. Everyone of our Likers have a connection to a very palpable pain and if we can give them an opportunity to heal, an opportunity to speak for their loved ones and show what violence has done to the lives of so many people, then I think we are doing…

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