The following was written as part of WordPress’ Daily Prompt series.

The thing I like about these prompts is they get me thinking about my life outside of my creative influences. Friendship is one of those funny things. I think I have had about 5-6 different “Best” friends in the past ten years. What happens to those relationships to make them fade or form? How much of a role did I have in those processes? Is the friendship turnover something I can control or is it something I have been subjected to because of the external situations of life?

By definition, I’d have to say my closest current friend is my dad. He’s the person I spend the most time with and talk to more than others. The situation I am in is a little odd. For seven years prior to this past year I lived in either New Mexico or Florida. All my closest friends in that time period are in those areas. I guess that means the majority of my friendship relationships are online.

A lot of people say that social media has deteriorated the way we communicate with people. I’d disagree. With people I am close to in different time zones, if communication was strictly via a telephone it goes without saying that I would have lost more friendships than I currently have.




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