The following was written for The Daily Prompt.

Without a doubt the best sandwich ever would be The Bohemian Rock Star. The question, however, is what would be on it. … Hmmmm. Sausage?  I think that would be good. Maybe some sort of lunch meat or a pepper? Something to make it hot – give it a kick. I guess we could go with green chilis. Ok, Sausage, green chili, what else? One more thing. Two more things, actually. We need a sauce and a cheese.

For the cheese, I’m thinking some sort of Pepper Jack or Cheddar. I like both, equally. Maybe both? Two cheeses? Any objections? (Faking a pause) … Ok, then.

The hard question is what type of sauce. Maybe a flavored barbeque sauce? I think that would be interesting. I just bought a whiskey maple sauce that I find very interesting. But I am also a fan of honey mustard. Conundrum …….. Drum Roll? ………… Honey mustard.

And of course, this is on a Kaiser Roll.

I kind of want to go try this.


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