What’s going on everybody? I’ve really been slacking this week on my posting for just about everything online. I don’t know what it is, honestly; maybe I was just too bummed on the Zimmerman verdict that I really didn’t have the will to trudge through all the posts concerning the story.

I thought about getting on here and defending Rolling Stone, and I guess I can get into that a little bit. I thought the article written about the bomber was good journalism and really was in line with who they are and who they have been throughout their existence. The New York Times had a really good editorial about judging a book by its cover and I fully agree with everything they stated. I think there is a bloodlust to this situation that was ever present in the following days when pictures of the bomber being arrested surfaced online. No one has been morally offended by those images. Is it because we see him getting what we all (myself included) want to do to him? What I really love about the RS article is that, at its heart, about trying to figure out how a person can rationalize committing those actions. And I think if we can learn the sociological warning signs, couldn’t it be possible that we stop potential acts of terror in the future? But a lot of people never get to that part because they look at the cover, associate the person with the crime, and then associate the article as pseudo-endorsing the crime.

Other than that: no shitty poetry, no photos, not even any opinions on other topical issues. I’m going to work on getting here more in the next couple of days and get back into my normal blogging routine.

How are you doing?


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