I feel numb.

And I wasn’t even following the George Zimmerman Trial closely. My co-runner of Remembering Homicide Victims was on it like a hawk and would give me updates on it every day. That’s pretty much how I stayed inform. It was really just something in the back of my head for the past month. That is, until tonight.

How do you hunt someone, kill them and get away with it? How do you? Can you tell me that? Because I sure as hell can’t. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that people keep killing each other for absolutely stupid shit. For reasons derived out of fear. Day after day it is another kid, another crime, another life just wasted. When do we live, when do we learn, when do we love? When do we become a better HUMAN race?

Do not turn the channel on this!

The memes have already started; people are asking for peace, for acceptance, for swallowing of the pill. At what point do we unify to make things better? At what point do we commit to stopping violence? At what point do we say well the jury of his peers done fucked everything up? I know it sounds Idealistic as fuck, but as humans shouldn’t we have the capacity to realize the innate good another life can bring about in the world?

Isn’t that what they teach us when we are sucking our thumbs in a circle during snack time in elementary school?

I’m just lost in my own thought tonight. It feels like we keep upholding these laws so everything stays in check, so no slippery slopes are created and our country falls down a moral black hole. But when you perpetually get told you are stupid, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again – you believe it. Has our country gotten to the point where it is ok to kill and get away with it? Is that the lesson from tonight? The perpetual message that the boxes in our living rooms give us?

Maybe Justice is just this idea that we rationalize when fucked-up things happen to the world. Maybe we just find something that we can call justice so we can sleep better. Maybe that is why we plea out. Maybe that is why we can say “at least they had a fair trial” after a life has been lost.

A boy was killed. and tonight we dishonored him.



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