Don't cry Tim. (Credits in the description)

Don’t cry Tim. (Credits in the description)

I have a theory, and it’s just a theory, that I have toiled around in my head for the past 24 hours; I think Tim Tebow is cursed. Let’s think about some things.

The following has happened to the New England Patriots since signing the former Florida Quarterback:

  1. Vladimir Putin (allegedly) jacked Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring.
  2. Aaron Hernandez is connected to an ongoing murder investigation.
  3. Rob Gronkowski had (albeit successful) back surgery that could delay his return to the football field.

Does all the positive moral energy that comes from having Tim Tebow on the roster drain whatever good joojoo is left from all the other players? Is there a scientific or mathematic balance principle that could describe this phenomenon? Right now, within popular culture or the media, the Tim Tebow effect is being a story shield from the actual failing aspects or seedier underbellies of your team (See Jets, New York). But what if there is a deeper aspect in play?

Tim Tebow galvanized the Denver community. I was living in New Mexico while he was with the Colorado team and it felt like when I exhaled I breathed in Tim Tebow stories. He had everything working for him. When he left, his energy had to be replaced:

  1. Peyton Manning’s neck suddenly became bionic.
  2. The Depends’ salesman will catch passes for them this season.
  3. Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker actually caught passes last year.

Is Tim Tebow a reverse cancer? Does he clean up images and wither-away the ability for the players on his teams – even going back to Denver – to stay healthy?

It’s too early to tell. And as a Patriots fan, that freaks me out.


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