I remember when my mom’s mom died. It was a couple of weeks after it happened and I was sitting in my fourth grade CCD class (for the fucking life of me I cannot remember what CCD stands for nor do I care enough about the detail to search for an answer. If I say CCD again, think church school). I remember we were given this homework packet that had a woman laying in a hospital bed as if she were about to die.
The point the packet was trying to get across was that people die because God calls them back to heaven. I remember staring at that packet whilst eating the stale juice and cookies – the ones they throw at us to make up for the fact they were stealing our Wednesday afternoon – and thinking how fucked up that logic actually was. My 10-year old head could only really process people die because they get sick – not because a spiritual deity summoned your presence.
For a very long time after that I was very cynical – even nihilistic – in regards to faith. It wasn’t until I really dove deep into my RHV work (somehow I can always direct it back there) that my ideas on the subjected shifted; and that was because I saw how much of a tangible impact a person’s faith can have on their lives.
My Idea in regards to faith is that people need to have it in something to derive meaning for their lives. Most people derive it from spirituality, some from logic, and others from a wide variety of other subjects. I think it is really important to respect that in all people.


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What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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