I was watching America’s Got Talent last night (simply because it was after The Voice and I needed to wind down from the Swon Bros. Shocker) and this one act really stirred something inside of me.

“Alexandria the Great” – at least I think that’s what her name was – bound herself with chains and attempted an underwater escape act, the likes of which Houdini could conquer. So everyone follows her into the pool area and they watch her attempt her act:

There is a point in this video which really struck the nerve for this little venting; at one point Howie Mendel looks back to the producers and asks “when will this be a problem?”

That thought stayed with me from last night until now. When will it become a problem? How close will a person have to come to death for us to be outraged on what we are watching? Will someone ever die? Is that the next step?

I don’t know what the laws are for what can be or what can’t be shown on TV, and I do like AGT as a whole (they are no where near the worst of reality tv – or competitions, for that matter); I guess it was just the way this one act was edited that had me delve deep into some sort of physical concern for how TV can possible influence culture.

Do you think the next step for Honey Boo-Boo is 16 & pregnant? I mean, talk about cross promoting.


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