Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston Bruins – Recap – June 07, 2013 – ESPN.

A couple of quick things:

  • Does anyone agree with the premise that Europeans/Mexicans/Essentially the whole world are to soccer as White Northerners are to Hockey OR Inbreeds are to Nascar?
  • While I am happy that the Bruins are going to a championship game, I really am growing tired of feigning interest in Hockey.
  • Is there a difference between Field Hockey and Lacrosse outside of where the stick can be and the physical nature of the sport? Strategically it seems very similar to me. (Also, I recognize this is a totally random thing, but it has been bugging me and I wanted to ask people about their feelings towards it)
  • How awesome of a name is Tuukka?

The Bruins have kind of been dominant this season, haven’t they? Much was made in local media of their offensive woes leading into the post season and (being an admittedly intermediate fan of Hockey) they seem to have thrown those worries to the wind.


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