arresteddevelopment8161212I was going to come on and write a 100 or so words about how Arrested Development can become flat (even though I loved it) after a day of watching the entire fourth season.

But then, at the end of episode 15, George Michael punches Michael as he (GM) is walking out of their shared Girlfriend’s apartment and my entire body screamed “Yes!”


I, like the majority of people who took to Netflix today, was really excited for this premiere – and it didn’t disappoint. Watching it straight through was probably not the best thing to enjoy it thoroughly, for me at least – But with the entire season being 15 episodes (and roughly 35 minutes a piece) you can get through it relatively quickly.

Things I loved:

  • It is freaking Cameo-rich. I mean, tons of people are in this season. Everyone wanted a taste. I don’t want to give you a list, because I don’t want to give away any more things – but it seems like all the roles I remembered were reprised – and some were even added (cough young Lucille and young George sr. cough).
  • Older, more my age, Maeby. I came to Arrested Development last summer when I first was brought to the wonders of Netflix on a permanent basis. I loved Maebe’s character but she was always too young. These words feel creepy even as I write them. I think there is no way I can make this things I loved section work. I feel like I should be wearing a thing costume and drinking Mike’s hard lemonade. If you watched the first Tobias episode you understand the very bad joke that I just kind of did.
  • Ben Stiller’s wife is still hot.

Things I didn’t know:

  • Liza Minnelli is still alive and her last name comes up in auto-correct.
  • Portia is allowed out of the house. I thought Ellen kept that shit on lock.
  • That last sentence would please me as much as it actually did.

What I can’t wait for in season five:

  • The continuation of the George Michael/ Michael story line. I really want to see the implications of that punch. One of the aspects to the development of the two characters was that the younger was becoming more of a mature individual (despite essentially being a con-man for a profession) while the elder was turning into a person Isla Fisher just didn’t like (and then began to like only to subsequently dislike after which she liked once more). I never really felt like Micheal was a sleaze throughout any of the previous episodes, or seasons for that matter, but the finale of four just left me hating the dude and feeling for GM.
  • Much more Isla Fisher.
  • Something good to happen. I know humor is best when you see someone reacting in just obscene ways in obscene situations, but some part of me cares for these characters. The only ones who really have anything good happen to them at the end are George Michael, Buster and Lucille.

All in all: If you have an afternoon to kill you should really bang out this season – just because you can. I personally recommend doing it a couple of episodes at a time if only to make it last longer and not leaving you feeling so bluthy by the end of it. 4 out of 5 stars would be given had I a feature or a desire to rate things.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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