Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy to prevent cancer likelihood | Inside Movies |

Ok, I don’t have many comments on this one. I am impressed with what she did and really think it will serve as a positive influence for many women in her situation. I’ve done a lot of work for breast cancer fundraising this past year and i understand the significance of her coming out and talking about the surgery in such a public forum.

But initially where my head went when I heard this was to an extremely  juvenile level: I thought about Brad Pitt’s initial reaction. I know he came out and called her heroic and did all the right things. But you have to think in a purely primal level – he had the reaction of “daaaamn.” I mean he married Fucking Lara Croft. To see that go away (yet inevitably come back with surgery most likely) you would think he would be just a little sad – on a totally us guys are neanderthal level.


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