Roughly three weeks ago the Boston Marathon Bombings happened and the city was galvanized. We united together and some of the displays were truly beautiful: from the singing of the national anthem at the Bruins game, to Big Papi’s speech prior to the first game played at Fenway after the bombings, and then there were the beautiful makeshift memorials that happened within the confines of Copley square. The phrase Boston Strong was a symbol for a region defined by their fortitude, resiliency and their ability to come together in times of tragedy.

But then this happened.

Boston WrongAbout midway through the sixth inning this group of future world leaders made their way from the grandstand and proceeded to disrobe from their clothing to chant “Boston Strong.” And as I sat there, silently seething over the quality of sports fans the youth of America has up and coming, I began to question “has a phrase ever gone from meaning so much to becoming a drunken chant Bars across the bay state will inevitably shout at the television in the middle of Jets games this fall?”

All in the span of three weeks.

This isn’t Beat L.A. or something we yell at Lebron, Jeter or Manning; this is Boston Strong. This phrase is forever connected to the family members of the fallen, the lives that will show the scars of the attack for their remaining days and talks about a community that came together to do whatever they can do to help those people. Can we really drink $9.00 beer and expect it to truly mean something substantial afterward?

Or is Boston Strong about selling T-Shirts? This was my first venture into the city since the attack and I saw so many renditions of the T-Shirt that it would be really hard to believe that the profits from all of these shirts is going to some sort of charity. Maybe I am not really a Bostonian, but I expected there to be some sort of reverence for the phrase.


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