Like everyone back in college during 2005 I was greeted by a choice: Facebook or MySpace. And like everyone in college, I choose both.

But as the years passed Facebook rose to prominence and MySpace faded to the wayside – until now. In September of 2012 Justin Timberlake, the bringing back specialist of sexy, brought back MySpace. So, is it cool now?

In an effort to reconnect with my roots and a genuine curiosity with what, if anything, is new and interesting. Here is a step by step happening of my current tryst with New MySpace.

The first thing that happens when you click on MySpace from whatever search engine you came from is a screen pops up asking you classic MySpace or new MySpace. Can we really call old MySpace “classic”? Doesn’t there need to be some sort of value attached to something to be called classic? Shouldn’t it be called “The way you used to be able to find subjects to talk about with that girl you sit next to in that one class with that one teacher who would always keep us 5-10 minutes late,” MySpace?

The first thing that New MySpace asks you to do is sign up for a new account with either your Facebook, Twitter, Classic MySpace or new info. After that it brings you to a screen asking you what you are (Musician, Filmaker, Writer – those types of things). This is the first real take away from New MySpace. It seems like the site is focused on giving a bit of publicity to creative-types.

The second thing it lets you do is connect to your friends – like every other thing online. At the third screen you input all of your information about yourself – in a 150 character limit (roughly two sentences worth of space).

The interface is really made for a Windows 8 type of platform. Here are some screenshots of the different parts of the front screen:

After looking around for a second I noticed this is where a lot of the main stuff goes down.

First Impressions, New MySpace is sleek, minimalistic and designed specifically for artists – which makes it either exclusive or inclusive, depending on how you look at it.

Bottom Line: It’s interesting. I want to take some more time to get to know it better and then I think I will write another blurb on it. If you have time to kill, check it out.



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