Scrubs-Cast-scrubs-4063752-1045-1000I just spent the past 12 hours half-assidly (yep, just did that) working on an essay that I should have had done in half the time it took me to write it. Ok, that’s not totally true, being able to take my time on it was a really nice change of pace so I am thankful for that. But that is neither here nor there – I just want to spend some time on a computer doing other things tonight.

Insert Netflix

While there is nothing new on Netflix to watch, there is always something I am willing to watch over. Lately it has been the classic (can it be called a classic?) Awesome … Super Awesome series Scrubs.  So, since I am bored, here are my favorite scrubs clips from YouTube:

Who doesn’t love a good Dr. Cox rant?

Best. Song. Ever.

Is it fair to say that everyone who loves this show loves the blanks? Does love of scrubs = love of The Blanks? Regardless, check out Ted singing. You will have these songs stuck in your head for the next week.

Another one of Ted, but this really is a series of clips from one of – if not my favorite – episode.

And of course, J.D.’s gratification:

Honestly, now that I am on Youtube and am going through all of these clips, I want to keep adding more. But these are good. I can stand by these.

What are your favorites?

… I can not post this and not add Book of Love:


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