Read this story and then come back here.

Are you pissed as well? Did your anger and frustration lead you to create a photo like this:


Where do I begin?

There is the counter point that people will love about this article: They are promoting healthy eating habits. In a world where you constantly see some sort of “Lose your weight” show on television every, well, instant on some sort of channel, I guess someone could argue that Abercrombie and Fitch are being progressive in their business operations.

Those people are douches.

The owner is not promoting healthy eating habits and positive body image, he is promoting socio-economical class warfare. Only cool people wear their clothing, the only people able to afford their clothing are people with lots of money; which means, only rich people are cool.

They aren’t.

“And the false logic award of the day goes to (awkward silence while I open the imaginary envelope from Narnia – why from Narnia, I don’t know); oh my god, it’s him! Mike Jefferies get your fucking repulsive ass on stage to take your award!”

The majority of my life has been switching between skinny and fat and in those phases of my life I have been treated differently because of my body type at that time. When I hear people like that it disturbs me greatly because of the impact they are having on humanity. Weight, just like skin color, origin, or sexual preference is not a reason to be discriminated.


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