So I have been wanting to do a live blog of something pretty much all semester. I did it with today’s voice broadcast and it came out decently. Give it a look.


First off, there are way too many nights for playoffs. I really have no clue what to appropriately title this.

Ok, I’m gonna disregard the team songs – just because.

First solo was Amber. I didn’t get the actual name of the song and the artist – I’m guessing stay was somewhere in the title. I thought it was a interesting performance, Like Adam said it was very intimate. I’m conflicted with Amber. She has a very nice, sweet sound, but she also knocked out Midas Whale – who I loved. I guess that the best way to describe my feelings for Amber is that I hate that I love her performances.

Next up was Josiah. Can we call him Beiber 2.0? Did I spell that wrong? Dude isn’t beiber, he is way more Robin Thicke in terms of look. You get the feel like Usher is keeping him around because he looks the part. Ok, let’s move onto the actual performance.

I liked it. I didn’t hear the name of the song (I know, I need to write it down) but I had heard it before – I think. Anyhoo, the guy really has one of those voices that make you think he would be a star in a band. The fact that I enjoyed it was a bit surprising. I came out of last week thinking he was one of Usher’s weaker contestants. That may change after this week. Think Like The Script or One Republic for a sound similar to him. Shakira said it was is best performance, I agree.

It’s Bieber. I looked it up.

Oooo, Time for a little Sarah Simmons. Singing “Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin. She dedicated the song to her friend that died. This chick just screams “I’m gonna be the American Adele, Batches!”

Can we just call this season? I mean I don’t know how she doesn’t win this season. She killed this rendition of the song and I am assuming she is going to murder every song Adam gives to her.

…Usher has a bit of Simon Crowell in him huh? He eventually said he liked it but it looked like he really didn’t want to give her that satisfaction.

Bottom line, everyone liked it. I liked it. Next song.

Oh, hey, look NBC is promoting their own shit coming out of promos. #networksaresmart

Number four for the night is Cathia. Usher gave Cathia a Whitney song. I am skeptical going into this.

The song: I don’t know how I feel about it. She was surprisingly better than I thought. She was very passionate but the song was just too big. Shakira kind of took a dig at her, Blake said he liked it and Adam didn’t get to comment. Usher pretty much said she dropped the ball.

My advice: fast forward through it.

Tangent: When is Christina Milligan going to try to do something to build off of all this voice publicity.

That was kind of a quick tangent.

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t gonna post about the group stuff, but I am kinda digging the Adam/Usher song.  Gotta love a lil Stevie Wonder, right?

Song number 5: Caroline is up! The exclamation point adds alto of context doesn’t it? Screw it, she is hot. And she has a really indie acoustic sound and it separates her from everyone else.

I missed the song name again, damn! Performance-wise, I love her tone. She has a very Regina Spector type of tone. Ok, Blake went first: He liked it, referenced Starbucks. Usher liked it too! That’s a first for the night. But really though, dude is just solemn tonight. I think he needs one of Blake’s special lattés.

Did you know lattés get that special thing added on top of the e without me doing a damn thing? I didn’t. I now do. I guess it is time for number six.

Oh, shit, one sec. Caroline sang “The A Team.” The Voice’s Twitter account has the names displayed.

Alright, number six: Vedo.

Vedo killed it last week, I am excited to see what he does. His song, against all odds by Phil Collins.

Really, the good thing about Vedo are the big moments. That is when he really shines. I got board in some of the verses listening to him, but when he got into that last chorus he really became who he is. Everyone loved him, Usher upsold him, maybe I should go find the track so you can see what’s up.

Alright they did Adam’s group song after Vedo’s performance. No comment on this (Mainly because I really didn’t like the way Usher’s group sounded and Adam’s group killed it. It was dominance – over Usher’s group – and I just didn’t want to waste the words. Although I technically just did).

Ok # 7: Time for a little Michelle.

She kind of looks like Tina Fey. The song usher chose was true colors. He made her sing into a mirror in practice. It was kind of awesome. Her performance was dope. I mean she killed it. It was stripped down, her voice was faint and sort of almost ethereal. It was cool.

Shakira really liked her. She called her authentic. Adam called it a break out moment. Blake echoed it. Usher called it incredible.

I guess she is his front runner.

Judith Hill gets to bat last. This one will be good – hopefully.

“Feeling good” is what she is tasked with. This is a song I love. I am curious.

She did something different with it that was pretty cool. It really wasn’t like everyone is used to hearing. Usher said she took them to church – which really was the best way to describe how she sounded. Adam called it cool, like 5 times.

Alright, I’m bored and a bit uninspired after this viewing. Who are you going to vote for?


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