Why is it everyone in massachusetts has really odd priorities? Screw poverty, education and the workforce: them there kids need to pull their pants up!

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a fashion statement that most people don’t understand: kids wearing their pants halfway off their buttocks.

“The reason why I sag is because it gives me more space do to things,” teenager Devin Clark said.

Now an advocacy group in Boston is kicking off a sagging campaign to warn teens who wear their pants hanging down that they could face a fine or possible jail time for indecent exposure.

Boston police say it’s not likely or a high priority. “They could but they are not. It’s like jaywalking. We are just trying to let folks know it’s wrong and it’s against the law,” Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts Omar Reid said.

Many kids say they have to sag their pants in order to feel comfortable. “It used to be just for the style but now it’s an addiction,” Clark said.

Reid says this issue has…

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