For the first Movie Retrospective on this site i am going to take another look at the movie currently inside of my PS3, “Pineapple Express,” (which henceforth will be abbreviated as PE).

The Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride “weed action movie” first hit the screens in 2008. Here is a quick synopsis from IMDB:

“A process server and his marijuana dealer wind up on the run from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after he witness his dealer’s boss murder a competitor while trying to serve papers on him.” -IMDB synopsis

And then hilarity ensues.

I like this still. Found on Amazon.

I like this still. Found on Amazon.

There is a point on the commentary track that i want to touch on first. It is a big cast and crew commentary where they essentially just watch the movie, but one of the things that they talked about was what message does PE send about weed? The people in the commentary, which was essentially the entire cast, agreed that it had a negative opinion on drugs – referencing the speech Rogen gives to Franco about his life being in shambles. What led me to write about this movie first is something Judd Apatow noted. He thought the movie has a different affect depending on the age of the viewer. His point was if you;re 19, you’re probably watching this and getting high. If you’re 26, you’re looking at this and saying i need to get my shit together.

I recently turned 26.

Let me make this clear: I don’t get high. I actually never have (by intention, at least). I’ve had roommates that have lit up and friends that do it on a pretty consistent basis. I guess my best opinion on the subject is i am weed sympathetic.

This explains why i really like PE. If you have seen people do shit similar to what is going on in the film you are going to connect to it a bit more easily.

I’m not going to rate the movie in these little posts. I just came to that decision. Let’s carry on.

The high points (lol, word play)

  • The characters: Rogen and Franco are an awesome modern day Cheech and Chong – which is such a cliche analysis (yet one that resonates).  McBride is scene stealing with lines like “Just trying to get a mother fucking scholarship,” and (in a high voice) “Thug life!” Did you know that the villain, Gary Cole, played Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch movies? I had no clue until Rosie Perez pointed that out on the commentary.
  • Awesome sets. From Franco’s character’s house to the Villain’s hide out at the end of the movie – the sets were really cool and diverse. A bad-ass fort to grow weed = every stoner’s fantasy. Ever.
  • Wardrobe: Not a lot of people point this out, but what they wear is random and outdated beyond belief. I kind of dig it.

The low points

  • Not enough Ed Begely Jr. Dude is kind of hilarious in the parent role. There really weren’t a lot of places you could have fit him in the movie, mainly because the girlfriend plot was a little bit of a square being forced into a circle, but i would have loved to see Begs beat up on Rogen and Franco for five more minutes.
  • It doesn’t logically follow in some places. But if you are expecting a stoner movie to have no logic flaws, then why are you watching a stoner movie? Just laugh, dammit.

Ok, now don’t cheat, can you name the actress that played the girlfriend? Comment if you can.

THE GIST OF IT: PE is the perfect party movie (so long as you are not pretentious as fuck. But then again, if you are, you can mock it. I guess) or a great way to kill two hours on a Saturday. It isn’t an academy award winner or a triumph of cinematic works. Oh shit, check that. James Franco was nominated for a Golden Globe for this. I wonder how common knowledge that is? That kind of changes the ending.

Do you want to see a movie that had an actor lose a Golden Globe and go unnominated at the Oscars?

Seriously, go watch it. It’s funny.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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