From, Who wouldn't want Fitz on their team?

From, Who wouldn’t want Fitz on their team?

Andrew Luck should never talk. He sounds like a bad SNL skit of Mitt Romney.

Good choice for the national anthem, Brian McKnight can sang (sang, not sing – as in “that boy can sang”).

Now that is established, here is a reactionary piece while watching the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.

I should tweet more. There is a bunch of funny shit going down on Twitter. I really should pay attention to it.

I think the pro bowl rules are bull. How many teams sit in a 4-3 for the majority of their season?

AP fumbles on the first play of the game: Deja fucking Vu.

Two things from the AFC first drive. I really like being able to hear the Offensive play. It allows me to get a sense of where the play is going. Two, A.J. Green is a stud. Like a legit stud. Can the Patriots trade someone for him? Hernandez for Green, straight up? (Half-kidding).

Watching Peyton Manning do work (like off the field work) is quite awesome.

How about Hernandez for Fitzgerald? Ok, i have to get past this.

I (along with the majority of New England) want to kick Terrell Suggs’ ass. And while i looked down for that rant, Jon Joseph got beat for 6. That got to be 7-7 quick.

I don’t know what i feel about the Twitter Stations on the sidelines. The Social Media guy in me loves it, the Football purest in me hates hit. Oh shit, did you see J.J. Watt’s hand? #Nasty.

From A.J. green is a beast.

From A.J. green is a beast.

Damn, how many Vikings made the Pro Bowl? my count is 5 so far. I feel like that is alot for them. Maybe that is me.

First Commercial break!

Does Victor cruz always run that upright?

Oooo, pass route to the sidelines coming up. The O-Line fell apart and Brees ran for a couple of yards.

Oh wow two things. I don’t know if i like the Jeff Saturday thing. He came in one play for the AFC as an NFC player. It felt really gimmicky. It was creative, but it felt gimmicky. I mean Saturday was only there for that purpose. Dude was benched in Green Bay. Second, is it me or is Michelle Beadle everywhere? She’s on NBC now for some reason. First it was ESPN, then ABC (same company), i think there was a third thing, and now she has an NBC program debuting tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, i like her, but it feels like she is everywhere. It’s concerning.

Is Kyle Rudolph the next Gronk? I feel that story may come out of this game.

Check that, 6 Vikings. Matt Kahlil (sp?) just got beat off the edge for him to get noticed. How weren’t the Vikings dominant?

TANGENT: Watched this on the last break. It kind of fell flat for me. The point was to point fun at YOLO. I get that, i like the idea. The end was cool. I just left feeling unsatisfied. Moving on.

So it is 10-7 NFC with 13:11 left in the 2nd (there was a field goal) and i am quite bored with this. not the post, but the game. Eli is running the NFC side right now and i feel like something is just about to happen.

Ooo, Eli just got picked by Derrick Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs for six. Al Micheals made a good point. How does KC have six pro bowl players and only 2 wins on the season. Something isn’t right there. Andy Reid is going to have a field day with this team – once he finds a quarterback.

So, as a patriot fan, i am living and dying with every play Jerod Mayo makes. He and Matthew Slater are the only pats who showed up for the game. You always root for the players from your team in a game like this. Make a play damn it! Make a play!

Have they showed the AFC coach yet? The moment i type that they showed Jack Del Rio, meaning it is the Broncos coaching staff.

Marshawn Lynch has one of the best nicknames in football.

Cruz just scored on a slant that was well covered and poorly tackled. Made the score 17-14 NFC.

Quick Tangent: WEEI just posted one of Kobe Bryant’s Tweets to Rajon Rondo regarding Rondo’s injury. He called him “Lil Bro.” Anyone else taking that as a bad sign? Is that just me?

Matt Schaub just got picked now. This game is becoming way more of a defensive contest than it has been in recent years. I didnt really expect that.

How the hell does Kyle Ruldolph get THAT open? Ok he was up against a pass rusher in coverage, but still. He has 3 catches for 99 yards at the 2 minute warning of the first half. Dude is going to get Brandon Marshall attention up in Minnesota after this. Just watch.

Ed Hoculi (SP?) just made America laugh with the explanation of the first penalty at this pro bowl.

Should i make this a one half thing? I’m getting a little bored. Plus i think the sanctity, or the perceived sanctity, has been tarnished – and not with last years debacle (although that played a part). I don’t like the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl. It should always be the week after. Always. Because when it is played the week before the Super Bowl, automatically all the players playing in the super bowl cannot play in the game. Let’s say there are roughly 7 people on each of those teams, that makes 14 slots open. Additionally, look at the conference championship game: The Patriots had seven players elected for the pro bowl. Five of them decided not to go to the game because of injuries. While i do not know how many Falcons declined to go, you have to figure some other injury opt outs are going to happen each year.

From Is the shield being protected?

From Is the shield being protected?

Let’s round up and call it 20 slots open. With 20 alternates being selected into the pro bowl, are these really the best players in the game? Or does the NFL want to be able to say they have more Pro Bowl players? It really feels that way.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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