Rajon Rondo of Boston Celtics has torn ACL, will undergo surgery – ESPN Boston.

I think i need to leave the Massachusetts area.

Since I’ve come home the Red Sox have had their worse season by far in a fair period of years, the Patriots lost the AFC Championship game in a stunningly anti-climatic fashion, and now, just as i was getting excited to watching a series of Boston basketball games, Rondo goes down.

The way i see it, there are three things i can look forward to in the realm of professional sports

  1. College Basketball: I know, by failing out of their school (twice) i am not technically a Lobo. But University of New Mexico basketball is one of the only things i can really take pride in these days.
  2. Red Sox: They’re going to suck. I get this. I understand it. But maybe i can talk myself into them. Like maybe i can become that big of a baseball fan where i take pleasure in watching how they lose. Maybe it will make me a better source of baseball knowledge. Maybe if i keep saying maybe i will talk myself into finishing this list.
  3. The Bruins: When they won the title a couple years back i was totally a bandwagon hockey fan – like i had no clue who anyone on the team was.

Maybe the Celtics will make it interesting. With six seconds left it looks like they are going to beat the Heat in 2ot. It’s possible the absence of Rondo could be a unifying factor. Avery Bradley could grow into a dominating back court force with the pressure being placed on his shoulders.

Celtics beat the Heat without Rondo 100-98, 2ot.

Paul Pierce, in the post game interview, said guys will have to step up. I guess that is something to watch for the next couple of weeks.


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