Another Patty Pic i played with in lightroom. #alliteration.

Another Patty Pic i played with in lightroom. #alliteration.

We had to put Patty down last night. It was one of the roughest things i have ever done. We’ve lost a lot of people in the past year or so, but Patty – she was the Robin to my Batman. That was my dog.

The four of us – my mom, dad, patty and myself (my sister had to work) – drove down to the animal hospital and they put us in this little blue room. It was the typical patient room: It has a chrome table, a sink with shelves of medicine , a couple of chairs pushed against the wall and a pink towel on the floor for her to lay on.

Eventually the doctor and his assistant (and may i say, the entire staff at the Hyannis Animal Hospital were top notch) came in and spoke with us for awhile. I had no clue how this was going to go down. Evidently it is just a little shot that fits in the palm of the hand of the doctor. It was like he was an assassin or a ninja.  If  you didn’t know what we were there to do you wouldn’t have expected anything. I wouldn’t have known he had the thing with him if he didn’t ask us if we were ready.

My mom pet her a lot – she was practically on top of her. My dad even pet her more than i expected him to. Me, it was hard for me to move after the shot went in. Once it did i kind of pulled back (I was petting her neck) and just watched. She was so still. Something i had been doing the past couple of weeks was watch her chest as i was laying with her. If she didn’t look up for awhile i would watch it just to make sure she was breathing. This time – in the little blue room – it didn’t move.

I love this picture of her!

I love this picture of her!

Eventually we were going to leave. Mom got up and went to the door where dad was. My foot fell asleep when i rose so i stayed in the room for a couple seconds more. I got down to the floor so i could look at her eyes once more. She always had the most beautiful eyes. One blue (the left one) and one brown (the right). They always had a bit of energy in them – even when she was sick. This time they just looked empty.

So i stayed behind for a couple of seconds. I blocked the doorway with my foot – I didn’t want to be interrupted – and just looked at her. It took all the will i had to leave her in that room.

The halls of the Animal hospital are lined with pictures of animals. I think people send them in as thank yous. The walk in to that room was surreal. Patty led the way. The walk out was disconnected. It felt like i was watching me do it. I didn’t even stop at my parents who were waiting outside the door of the building. I just went to the truck.

My first memory of Patty is getting her out of jail. Ok, it wasn’t quite jail as it was the pound. It was one of the first weeks after getting her and her tags were not quite up to date. She dug out of the back yard (Huskies like to dig) and went to one of the side neighborhoods where she was picked up by one of the town’s animal wranglers. That was the day we bailed Patty out of Jail – and fixed the fences.

Her howl was probably my favorite thing about her. There is nothing like a Siberian Husky’s howl. If you mimicked her it only made her do it louder. I wish i took video of it.

If you stopped petting her she would put her nose under your hand and jack it upwards so you would keep petting her. She always did that.

I think she looks like a fox when she is all curled up like that.

I think she looks like a fox when she is all curled up like that.

She loved cars – like any dog – and sprinting. She could run for days. When i was in shape her and i would do that all the time.

Trixi (the cat) and I are up in my room right now, watching a movie (bottle rocket), and I just keep thinking about Pat. I think it is going to be like that for awhile.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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