The West Wing TV Series 1999–2006 – IMDb.

It sucks this series is over. I don’t even know where to start. I see why the show won so many awards, it is probably some of my favorite writing ever.

One of the things i loved is the dialogue between people while walking. The repartee in conversations were so well timed and perfectly referenced – even if people joked about the walking a lot (i was looking for the family guy parody).

It’s kind of amazing how the show allowed people to connect to the characters. It’s really one of the earlier shows i can remember seeing so many different story lines at play at once. I usually don’t like fan videos, but the following one will emphasize a point.

I read somewhere that Sorkin cast Janel Moloney because of the instant chemistry she had with Bradley Whitford’s character. He said he wanted to deny the two of them getting together for as long as possible because the tension and the building is more interesting then the gratification of them constantly having sex.

The West  Wing posterHow great is Martin Sheen? Some of his monologues were like listening to a Shakespearean lead talk about the various meanings of life.

One last thing, how many of these people are still relevant  Like how many do you see in prominent roles still? Alot of them tried to jump to Studio 60 (Sorkin’s next series) but that was short-lived.  Sheen is the one with the best record of work post-West Wing, but it’s hard to see what things of note the others have done (aside from Rob Lowe as well, i guess): Allison Janney had a long stint on Phinneas and Ferb, Dule Hill landed Psych, richard Schiff did a bunch of three-four episode runs of a variety of show – ok, maybe people have had success. Anyhoo.

I can’t believe i just wrote anyhoo.

Now i have to figure out what is next. Portlandia isn’t cutting it.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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