I love national games but i hate late kicks. I’m stuck watching Denver versus Baltimore (which is quite shocking actually). Waaaaaiiiiit, CBS just changed the game to Indy versus Houston. With Indy only down six points Houston is in danger of losing their top seed.

Ok, maybe right now isn’t that boring.

As for why i am writing, i think the pats game comes down to three things:

  1. The weather: I don’t know where Kapernick (sp?) went to high school, but i do know where he went to college: Nevada. I know that because i saw him play at Nevada while i was with the University of New Mexico. It doesn’t rain (nor snow) that much in the desert. His ball handling ability today will be a big factor in the game. If the Patriots get a couple of turnovers (like they did versus Houston) then i think this game could be over quick.
  2. Which defense can yeild the run. Both of these teams will get theirs in the passing game. The difference will be who can get the offense off of the field in short yardage situations.
  3. P-P-P_Pressure. The story last week was can the Patriots stop J.J. Watt. This week, meet Aldon Smith. If the Patriots will be abe to keep the 49ers pass rush at bay like they did the Texans, this game will be no contest.
The Patriots will honor the Sandy Hook Victims by wearing this decal.

The Patriots will honor the Sandy Hook Victims by wearing this decal.

I think it is nice that the NFL has allowed the Patriots and the Giant’s (and other teams i am assuming) to honor the Sandy Hook Victims. I really can’t say more than that on the topic. I’m still disgusted that it happened. I don’t do final score predictions for the game but if the Patriots (Or if you happen to be a 49er’s fan, the reverse of what i am about to say) are able to do the three things above, I don’t see how they lose.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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