Is anything private? How much power is their in privacy?

Privacy is funny. I believe in open honest communication. The first thing i tell employers during a job interview is that i am an open book, ask me an honest question and i will give you an honest answer. But will i give someone the same information without being asked?

Hell no.

If i have learned anything in my first few forrays with professional business and personal relationships as an adult it is that information is power. Something i have learned about myself? Power tastes good.

I think Privacy is something we desire for ourselves and want to destroy in others. The future in privacy and how private our lives are remain to be seen.

The four types of privacy are fairly simply. The first is person to peer. I like to thing of them as secrets. They are the things you entrust to others. The things you tell your friends, your confidents, your lovers. In a sense they are the private bonds that make a human a human.

The second is Person to firm. This is the information a consumer gives to a corporation when they buy a product. If i were to go to best buy tomorrow and buy a tv for my room, my credit card information, my living address, would all be things private under this mode of privacy.

The third is Person to State, another fairly straightforward mode of privacy. These are things that are shared with the government – information about the household and the individual.

The last is the one that is evolving and growing, frankly. Person to public is a mode of privacy that is seen over the internet and social media outlets. This is the information we willingly allow the world to know about us.

I don’t know if there is much more we can do about this other than being weary of what we do, say or even think. Which is an interesting concept. Are there so many more modes of communication that we can not have a mere thought without the consequence of having it being portrayed as an ideal or a belief to the vast community of sharks and pirates preparing to salvage our corpse from thee waters of discontent?

I don’t know.


What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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