I, quite honestly, have become dissatisfied with my writing lately. I still see a future for myself in journalism but i think it may be more regulated to sports or music than i previously thought. Regardless, I am proud of the work i have done with the comment. Here is some of the stories i have done that i actually like.

Isn’t my cat freaking cute? This new camera is awesome.

I wrote this about BSU’s Poetry club, Seeds of the Poet Tree. I wanted it to be an extensive Q&A but it was requested to be a more conventional journalistic story. It still came out well. Check it out.  http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/10/poetry-club-shares-their-poetical-secrets/

This may turn out to be my best work from my time at the Comment. A couple of comedians came in to town and put on a show for some students. While Troupe may be misleading in the headline, this was still a very good all around article (in my opinion): http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/10/troupe-of-comedians-bring-laughter-to-bridgewater/

A article about an accomplished cross country runner. It was alright. http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/17/rouillard-racking-up-accolades/

Womens Soccer gave me some time and answered a couple of questions about their standings. http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/10/racing-to-the-finish-womens-soccer-looking-to-finish-season-right-end-midseason-woes/

My favorite article, even if my lede was edited out, of the sports section. Anytime i get to use phrases like “The Jewel Thief” i am very happy. http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/10/transfer-gem-of-bsu-secondary/

Eh http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/10/where-are-they-now-former-bsu-athletes/

A straight forward newstory is undervalued these days http://bridgewaterstate.me/2012/10/10/civil-air-patrol-recruiting-students-for-membership/

More and more i am finding i do not like driving up to bridgewater outside of the days i have class to work for free for the paper. I really do not know if i want to quit entirely, but i do know i want to work on my other projects more. I want to feel creative and unrestricted. I don’t know if that will happen for me the way things are currently going.

I think i am going to be spending more time with my screenwriting but i am devoted to becoming a better photographer to go along with my writing. I also think making this an area music blog could be kind of cool too. Maybe i could go to area bars, review what goes on and then publish to social media sites after that. It is something that i wanted to do in the BSU area, but i think i feel more comfortable doing that around here (it’s a much shorter drive to do it for no profit).

Another thing i could do with the camera, is open a photography services business. I could take senior portraits (it is seemingly big business here) and i could work, as a contracter for business – taking photos for ads and things like that. All of that is in addition to freelancing for local media outlets.

The priority is graduating regardless of whatever i decide to do for my free time. Sometimes people are so concerned about step three when they cant get up the stairs if they miss the first step. I’m not missing the first step again. Falling on your face hurts. I have the scars to show it.


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