I wanted to expand on my thoughts from class a little bit more. We had this conversation about the article “The first time print died” in which the majority of class asserted that print hadnt died, it just transfered. I was going to argue against that, but didnt for really no particular reason.

I think i wanted to save it for here.

Print Media has not died – yet. Chemo has failed and she is hanging on to the last futile breaths as the snowglass falls to the floor and the words rosebud are pursed on her lips.

Newspapers around the country have been folding for the last ten years, only the truely forward thinking outlets shifted the majority of their news coverage online a decade ago and in the time since they have braved the waters of the transistion abord the ark of information.

In reality, it is centered around cost. Newspapers are a pain to produce. The money wrapped into each paper dissipates each minute it is past due at the printers, with online production all of thoe concerns are avoided. Writers can write to their hearts content, Business people can fill each page up with all the ads they wish.

Print media will always be around (according to various speakers from various conferences) -whether they be in diminished numbers or specific locales (colleges, smaller communities).

I guess the point i would nake is Print Media may be dying because communication is shifting. That is really the way it is looked at professionally.

The last two days i have layed awake at night thinking about this question, trying to find a way to argue that this is the twist of the sword, the kill shot, the blow to the back of the head, the one that will take Print Media down. But i cant. I probably could if i had the data at the tip of my hands and the time tio write a thesis.

But i don’t. For all i knowi could be the writer of “The second time print died” 15 years ago. The only thing i know for certain?


What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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