I need to catch up on my blog work. I’m about a week behind. This post is to be used as a submission piece for a newspaper position with the BSU school paper:

Responding to Rapegate

A change of ideals needed at BSU

By Nick Christian

Hopeful future Comment Op/ed editor

BSU handled Rapegate horribly. Let me explain.

Women’s rights here, compared to where I have been (I just transferred from a community college in New Mexico), are horribly mismanaged. My last college, or the last thing I read about my last college, is that they created lactation stations for new mothers. The biggest story of the spring semester for BSU is how administration tried to shut down this paper after they reported on what a victim of rape said at a take back the night rally. First amendment issues aside, asking the paper to remove the article says miles on what they think about women’s rights and the voice of the students. To be clear, the paper reported that the woman went to admin asking for them to have the paper remove the article because it violated her privacy. That doesn’t seem legit on the administrative front to me. Why would the woman renig on the words she said at a rally to further women’s safety when all the paper did was give her a bigger platform?

The action BSU administration took says to women who have been raped “What happened to you is a dark disgusting manner that you shouldn’t verbalize.” Taking that type of stance makes Bridgewater State out as a puritanical relic, a learning institution that knows nothing about basic human rights. Like the one where no women should have the kid of a maggot that fucked her only by assaulting her to the point where she resides in a vulnerable position, stripped of dignity and self-worth.

Rapegate, which is going to be referred to as such only to deflect from the horrible reality of the act and the way it was handled, is something the college can learn from. I recently attended a mandatory transfer session in which no mention of collegiate life outside of the class room/fraternity life was addressed. The first thing the college should do in new student orientations, the very first thing, is to set up parameters with their new students on how to act. The indoctrination into Sigma Delta Phi “How to feel a thigh” parties isn’t something that should be addressed at length during those sessions.

Maybe BSU is at fault for whatever violent sexual crimes occur within the grounds of the college and the outside perimeter. By promoting fraternities and sororities from the get go, isn’t BSU promoting a passé ideal of binge-drinking parties, circle of bones favoritism, and cover-ups?

The culture at BSU, the puritanical administration and the vagrant greek life, needs to change for the betterment of the university as an institution of intellectual thought, equal rights and progression towards a better society.

The question now is how? Is the plan more student groups that ultimately just separate the members of the college into social categories? Or should the college unify? Do we need to recognize that the moral certitude placed upon us by prior generations, faith, and sociological idealism are simply ways to prevent totalistic change out of fear, hostility and uncertainty.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we should.

Yes, we can.

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