Living in obscurity, awaiting a chance to be relevent again, is what you will be reading about outside of this text box. I just looked to the right and saw the Red Sox hat and could not stop thinking about how that franchise, during the past two years, mirrors my recent mindset. They have all the potential in the world, but something is undefined – a part missing. Do they do the work and rebuild from within, or do they go out and acquire the parts and pieces and hope they will be able to construct something somehow. Until that decision has been made, what do they do?

This is the first Labor Day I have had off in the past seven years. I kind of have nothing to do with myself. I want to write one of those long running diaries – but there isn’t any football on right now. Wait, there is golf though right?


Ok, maybe not. My TV isn’t working correctly and I don’t want to go all the way down stairs and sit through periodic interruptions to watch el tigre ultimately fail at winning the championship being played at TBC.

I’m almost done with Mad Men so I’ve begun looking for something else to watch. It’s come down to the mid 00 (that is weird to write) Comedy Central animated series Drawn Together and NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Aside from those minor things, there is nothing really new today. I played a long time on the PS3 – I guess I just wanted to waste the day. That’s a funny concept. To waste a day is to willfully disregard the significance of a day. Our days are fixed. We will have no more than what we are due on this earth. Why do we sit here playing games, watching 30-second videos and emotionally masturbating until our minds are numb from the lack of substantial activity?

I can’t find any music related leads in the Bridgewater area. I am starting to doubt the talents of Bridgewater State College. In reality, I won’t know who or what is there until I actually land somewhere on campus. I am starting to become curious of how sustainable the music profile field may be. Are there enough venues, artists, styles, points of view? To be stuck in the mundane would be purgatory.

The shift in Mad Men, during the middle/end of season four, is interesting. There is a stoic Dom Draper that internalized everything during the first three seasons. But towards the end of season four, it externalized: through journaling, note-taking and New York Times editorializings (Sarah Palining it).

The question is why. Why the change in personality – or better yet, the showcase of the true personality? Is this the metaphorical death of Vick Whitman (I always forget the other name)? When what’s-her-face died, did his inhibitions die with her? Did he no longer have to be guarded? I think why Betty became a bitch (alliteration!) is the much easier paper. If it were to be a paper.

Oh shit, Don just proposed to the secretary with Anna’s ring! I need to watch season five now don’t I?

I want to play some golf this week. The negatives are I have one golf ball and no money to get on a course. Maybe I can carry my wedge and a ball around campus, practice when I am between things. It could be a unique way to get people close and network.

Networking. Hmph. I used to have people for that. Now I have to start over – I have to be charming, alluring and dynamic. That’s one of the things I need to get better at in regards to my journalism future. So much about a good story is the information you get for it – and the majority of the time that information doesn’t come during a press conference.

I think I might practice on the front yard. Golf. Not networking.

Michael Clarke Duncan Died! I’m kinda sad about this one. I never saw The Green Mile but I loved him in Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, and Sin City. He had a lovable quality that was probably tied somewhere into his deep bassy voice. I will miss seeing him in the parts he will never get to play.

I think a Sin City viewing might be appropriate for tonight.

Sin City is where my love of Alexis Beidel began. I’ve always liked her. I feel she is underrated. She was great in Meet Reed Fish – for those three of you who saw that movie.

My posters are pretty beat up but they still serve as a figure point to a future idea. I want to capture the essence of seeing these posters in my future stories. It is a process of visually taking them to the bar and leaving them with an auditory asthetic by the end of the article. Thats why i keep thiese within eye site from my bar stool.

I think what i like about covering music is the romantic quality of searching for the musician’s story. Typically the bar i go to is in a run down part of town, devoid of the capitalistic affluance in parts of society; and out of nowhere, finding a subculture with their own set of mores, beliefs and ideals.

The NFL starts this week. I will actually miss the first part of the Patriots week one contest (Tennessee), but i am excited for it nonetheless. Hopefully i will get home early enough on wednesday to watch the kickoff game on NBC – Wednesday might be a big posting night – I will have to rush as it will be the first day of school and i will have to rush home from Bridgewater.

Goals for tomorrow: Read more of “This Side of Paradise,” email sources, get to sleep at a reasonable hour, actually hit my self-imposed deadline on this blog for once. I think i can achieve it. Wait, we got into that yesterday. I’m just gonna end it.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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