Finally, I get to sit down and watch a college football game that matters to me and that matters in the relative landscape of actual college football.

The Boston College vs Miami game started off well (aside from the time out BC called prior to the first snap – a football rarity). On a PA read out of a twins gun formation, Miami just totally lost the fullback. Actualy, BC Quarterback Chase Rettig has been 3-4 on his opening drive and TB Andre Williams looks like a banger. Or a beast. What’s in vogue these days?

BC just scored. Toss sweep to Williams. The Guards were very quick on the pull which allowed Williams to get to the second level.

Talk about starting the season off right! Seven plays and 76 yards. If the offense can be consistent at this level throughout the entirety of the season, they may be relevant this year.\

Horrible Kick coverage by BC coming off the break. The contain man got kicked out and Miami got it to just below their own thirty.

Miami came out no-huddle, most likely to utilize their Florida speed and athletes. After a couple drops Miami elects to punt. The BC returner muffed the punt, almost in an epic fashion, it bounced straight up from his shoulder pads like it was the black bird from angry birds. Fortunately, one of the wings was able to fall on the ball. BC gets their second possession in less than four minutes.

I almost missed kickoff. Actually, I did miss kickoff. I almost missed the first play from scrimmage. I was upstairs in my room, watching Charlie Bartlett. It was kind of an epic fail on my part. Almost.

BC is back on offense. Chase Rettig looks good. The first play was a slant versus zone coverage and Rettig had a would be strike dropped by the slant. After a minimal gain by Williams, Rettig hit a deep in for the long third down conversion.

The BC O-Line is solid. There pass protection has been flawless thus far and they were swift on the most recent screen.

The skill position players look solid, aside from the drops from BC receiver #83 (dude has a weird last name and I don’t have a roster in front of me – Ha, he just caught a deep in as I was typing that last sentence).

Touchdown BC. Rettig hit one of the Tight Ends in the flat, a basic shoot rout, and Shinkovic (?) nearly walked into the end zone.

Miami looks stunned. I remembered this team being an up and comer at the end of last season. Their defense seems like it is getting man-handled. It is so important to have solid recruiting for your lines.

This BC defense is stout in their run game. It seems like it is sound fundamentals mixed with an aggressive play style (shiiit, just looked at the ticker. Air Force is killing Idaho. Up 35-7. Much love to my Mountain West.).

The receivers for Miami are killing their offense. Multiple drops and a deflection led to a BC pic off a tip-drill.

Going back to what I was talking about earlier. I was watching Charlie Bartlett (Robert Downey Jr, Kat Dennings, Whoever the fuck played Charlie Bartlett) and working on “If Juliet never Died: The Diaries of Hailey Harrison.” Before I get to Juliet (of which I will refer to sometimes as hailey), It’s amazing how quick CB turns on you. One minute you’re at a party, the next minute some kid is od’ing/

BC is back on Offense. The pulling TE missed the Kickout block and Williams had no space to go anywhere. The 2nd down play was better, a 6-yard gain on a toss sweep similar to their first score. 3rd and six, Rettig throws into the flat, but he throws to the wrong shoulder of the receiver and its dropped. 3 and out.

The BC coverage units worry me. They seem very timid and break their lanes often.

Miami runs a trap out of a base gun formation. It was really the  first time Miami had any room. Miami’s speed is scary. The game will reside in the lines – If BC can get pressure and keep the plays in front of them, they will control the tempo of this game. But Miami looks like it is finding its groove, getting the balls in space to their skill players.

Miami is utilizing the quick pass game and will continue to do so – BC’s corners are so far back.

BC stopped a quick sneak on 3 & 1. Miami runs speed option to the field and barely gets the first – the Miami rb got stuck.

BC just looks gassed this drive. Miami QB Stephen Morris appears surgical in his decision making.

Miami scores on another one of the middle runs. Hold the phone, we have a review.

The replay show the ball clearly crosses, there is no way that guy doesn’t get the score.

He does. BC 14 – Miami 7.

In regards to Hailey (told you I would), I wrote act one scene two and I think I know where I want to go with scene three. I first thought I would show a bit more of her life prior to the remeeting, but I think we need to see both sides. I’m not sure. I will be sure to add it at the end of this update.

I also need to add more description in the scenery. I am such a dialogue person that I sometimes neglect stage direction. Since I envision Hailey Harrison as a play, stage direction will be pivotal in the way the story comes off. I think I may need to outline it again. That may be an additional post that I put in tonight.

Back to Rettig and the Eagles (igles? Can I pull that off?).  Rettig makes a horrible read and the ball is picked sixed. It looks like he read man on the outside but didn’t see the mike linebacker drop back to cover a hook zone. It was an easy pic and the ball was ran back to tie the game up.

End of the first quarter.

Camera guy got faked out on BC’s first play from scrimmage. Rettig rolled out for a gain of a yard.

I think I am going to go with “Banger” as description for the BC running backs. A banger is a grinder, someone you can give the ball to 25 times and expect 100 yards. A beast is someone that has a bit more breakaway potential. The only Running back on the BC roster that can be argued as a beast is Williams. But the other dudes that share time with him – bangers.

BC’s linemen are amazing. It’s rare that you see the long dropback passes, but BC is completing them with ease versus a school that traditionally has pass rushers.

Another play action pass, Rettig hits a running back on a seam for a 20 yard game.

Muffed snap on a third down play will lead to a field goal attempt within ten yards. 17-14 BC.

Good run by Miami on first down, there was a great perimeter block that allowed a five yard gain. Minimal pass on second leads to a third and four.

Miami calls a time out

Quick out versus zone, first down Miami.

Weird play on first down. Morris is strip sacked by BC but the play is negated because of defensive holding in the Miami secondary.

Touchdown Miami. Duke Johnson, a true freshman, kicks out a run to put Miami up 21-17.

I never really like to think of myself as the superstitious sports watching enthusiast, but I am. Ever since my parents entered the room BC has been outscored 21-3. My dad is moving around and my mom is making all kinds of noise in the kitchen. I think I am going to have to hang signs, quite whilst game in progress. I sound like a prick.

But it is very very very very true.

BC comes out and looks like they are set to have ball control this drive. Williams had a six yard first down run and a very good second down run that got the first dwn.

Horrible drop by a BC receiver on a 1st and 20 (due to holding) and a ten yard draw leads to a third and ten for BC. Great corner route by dropsies (BC Receiver #83) and it’s a BC first down.

The BC fullback Sinkova (I called him a TE earlier) is a beast. I love seeing fullbacks get the ball. Him in the flat is a solid ten yards.

TE Ryan miller had two defenders beat on a seam route and dropped a ball in the endzone.

The BC offense stalls and they settle for a 37-yarder.

I think I need silence while watching a game anywhere other than a stadium. At a stadium I tend to block it out. But when watching at a bar, I seem to hear everything, every fucking desolate conversation unrelated to the act that we all gathered to watch. Like now, all I can hear is the broom scratching against the floor as my mother sweeps in the kitchen. I am desperately yearning for her to be finished.

Miami comes back from the break and tries to run a play but the ball is snapped simultaneously when the motion is behind center, causing a first down fumble (note: everyone else was at least two rooms away from me when this happened).

Gain of five on a straight ahead dive on second leads to a third and long. BC comes with a zone blitz and Miami inhibits enough for Morris to find the whole in the zone.

The Miami offense seems to be sputtering as a series of drops and minimal gains led them to a fourth down.

Brilliant play by the Miami punter. The snap hits one of the Miami upbacks, so the punter had to corral the ball, run to the sideline and do a rugby kick. It is sure to be on sportscenter later, even though it was a touchback. BC’s offense doesn’t get anything going, making the score at halftime Miami 21 BC 20.

Miami starts on Offense in the second half. They utilize the freshman running back on consecutive plays for a third and two. Missed connection on the comeback route, three and out for Miami. Fair catch BC. No one fumbled; imagine that.

I did a bit of other work during halftime. I tried to charge my phone; I think the death of the long charge wire approacheth. It was also a good time to update the RHV site.

I’m excited for the Michigan, Bama game tonight. More on that later.

BC needs to just pound the interior of the Miami defense in the second half. It’s clear they have an advantage in the middle and they need to utilize it a bit better.

#83 catches another slant for a first down. It seems like the reads are very simple for Rettig.

#83, Alex Amidon, has 8 catches for 131 yards. I think his name will stick from this point on.

Amidon catches number 9, third straight target, for the first down. Talk about finishing strong on the day – especially after the way he started. BC lucks out with an unnecessary roughness call on Miami, getting 15 extra yards.

The BC Line chokes on third and one, with Miami getting a great push up the middle. BC has a field goal attempt. And the kicker gets his third on the day. BC 23 – Miami 21.

In regards to Michigan, Bama: Is this the year of Denard Robinson? Can he piece everything together and create an RG3 type season? He has never been that type of passer, but he does have the dynamic potential where fans will flock to him no matter what. He reminds me a lot of Pat White when he was with West Virginia.

Good kick coverage from BC coming back from the break.

Miami looks better in this possession. They just converted a third down on a great catch. I missed a little bit, actually. My dad just came in the room and told me we have family coming over – which means, in parent talk, clean up your shit man. So I had to unlock from watching the game and now Miami is driving as I come back from cleaning up my shit.

Miami is inside the ten. Allegedly Miami went no-huddle.

Another bubble by Miami but BC hurries them out of bounds for a gain of one yard.  The 2nd down play was a post to the right split end that was dropped in the end zone. It was a brilliantly thrown ball.

False start by the Miami Center (how does that happen) leads to a 3rd and goal from outside the ten. Screen to the left hash, but the blockers don’t get out quick enough. Miami attempts the field goal and retakes the lead. Miami 24- BC 23.

Whenever we have people over my parents put the dogs and other animals in the back room or outside. I’m typing away in the living room and Patty (my husky) keeps howling. She wants in so badly.

BC gets the ball back with five minutes left in the third quarter. First play from scrimmage is another end around, this time BC takes it for about nine yards. I cant believe Florida and Bowling Green are so close. Sorry, they just showed an in-game break.

BC has all they want in the flats. Rettig just has to take what the defense is allowing and let the skill players do the work.

Miami stops BC on a third and one play. It was a stretch given to Williams ran on the right sideline. Miami covered it well and didn’t allow any yards.

Miami just broke open a big 56 yard td run on a toss sweep. It was the freshman again. The kid has Steve Smith speed. It was ridiculous. Miami 31-23/

BC is sputtering. 3 and out. I missed a lot of it – The fam arrivef.

I am losing focus easily. I don’t know what it is today. It’s easy to blame the interruptions, but it seems like every little thing I am looking up and staring like a fly going into a light.

Turnovers (especially fumblitis) are killing the Boston College offense. Andre Williams fumbles inside of their own ten, giving Miami the ball in an excellent scoring opportunity.

The BC defense has held them on the first two downs, and Morris is unable to complete the third down pass, forcing Miami to attempt a field goal. Miami 34 – BC 23.

A quick interlude: I showed my parents, grandfather and aunt and uncle the sites I am imagining for my grandfather to increase business in his woodworking business. They seemed to like it – even though it is kind of limited.

Miami is in control of this game, up two scores and with possession of the ball, if they score a touchdown on this possession it will be hard for the BC offense to score reasonably well. Miami touchdown on a bubble screen. 41-23. How did this game get away from them so quickly? Screw it. Let’s talk about Hailey more.

Here is act one scene two and the beginning of scene three for “If Juliet Never Died: The Diaries of Hailey Harrison:”

Act 1, scene 2:

Hailey, Thomas and their two sons Bryant (2) and Jones (1) walk on stage from stage left into their apartment. Hailey takes the children into the kitchen and Thomas put his coat down on the couch.

Inaudible yelling happens offstage. Hailey goes to the door to listen but walks back to the children shortly thereafter. The yelling persists and Thomas walks over to the peep hole.

With no warning a loud bang is heard and Hailey looks over to the door to see Thomas clutching his chest and falling to the ground. A stray bullet shot from outside had pierced the doorway and struck Thomas in the heart.

Hailey runs over to Thomas to attend to the wound and dials 911 simultaneously. The children crawl over to where their father laid and began playing with Thomas’ hands.

911 operator: (voice over) What is your situation?

Hailey: (into Phone) We need an ambulance, My Fiancé has been shot.

911 operator: (voice over) Where is your location?

Hailey: (into phone) 879 uptown boulevard, in the eagle stone apartments. He’s bleeding a lot I don’t know what to do!

911 operator: (voice over) stay calm ma’am officers are in transit.

Within moments police and medical personnel enter the apartment and Hailey is forced backwards of Thomas. She holds the children, who weep with her, as the scene around her changes without any movement.

The scene is lifted from the apartment, where police walk around her, detailing the crime scene and taking notes; to the apartment parking lot, where additional medical personnel attend to her and the kids, making sure everything is ok with them; to the hospital, where Hailey and Thomas’ family sits and waits – hoping and praying – for any news on Thomas’ condition; to the funeral, where a stoic Hailey sits, barely recognizing the friends and family that pass her by – her eyes remain locked, fixated on the casket; to an empty stage, with Hailey holding the two children looking into the audience – as if she was searching to find something she lost.

Act One, Scene three:

Adam resides laying on a bed in a darkened apartment. The light shines through the basement windows gradually, flickering with every other passing second, the news channel on the television drums on with the latest horror stories from the past night.

Adam tosses in the bed, unwilling to get up and battle the day. Resentfully he rises and enters the motor home-sized bathroom.

On the bed a notification tone rings out from his phone. The green light flickers as he enters the moderately sized living room/den/kitchen/family room/study area. He picks up the phone and notices it is a Facebook message. A Facebook message from someone he has not heard from in a long time.

Its only 463 words. I need more depth into each scene, more meat. It feels like I have the skeleton of what I want to say, but I need more detail.

BC has a 18 point difference they need to compensate for, and in nine minutes it is definitely doable. They need to attack the middle of the field and they need to move a bit quicker.

They keep throwing the swing, mainly because Miami is giving them the flat, but it doesn’t look like they are moving with the right type of intent.

They just showed the passing chart for Morris. He tore up the BC defense underneath. The philosophy will need to be reimagined for next week.

The Offense is just so determined to dink and dunk. I don’t think it will be able to … Ok, BC scored on a wheel to another back. 11 point game. With 6:48 left a comeback could be very doable. The next possession will be very important.

Miami just got a first down via the ground, just more than 5 minutes left on the clock.

Pee break

Back, 3rd and 13. Morris just missed a slideline throw.

Trips, open. It was another bubble screen. The ball was dropped, clock stopped, bc ball.

BC moving the ball no-huddle. Hitting various check downs and getting moderate yardage on each play.

4th down after a third and five was missed. 3:42 on the clock.

Fade to the sideline, pass interference on the corner guarding the receiver. Talk about choking on D. 2nd and 10.

UNM score just came on the ticker. They are up 45-6 versus southern at the half. Looks like Bob Davie wants to make a statement – against an fcs school.

Another third down conversion by BC brings the ball inside the 15-yard line. A roughing the passer penalty on the subsequent down brings them inside the 10.

With just less than three minutes left it seems as if BC should go for the touchdown here. Rettig is holding the ball quite a bit. This third down play will be big. Pass complete to the inch line – The Officials blow a touchdown call. On third down and the fourth down play. The play should have been received at the pass completion. The quick run to the line of scrimmage should have been blown dead and the play should have been reviewed.

Well, Miami will end up winning 41-32 (with 4 seconds left BC cant win). I think there are some things you can take away from the game.

Field Goals and turnovers killed BC. Three field goals and multiple fumbles (although many were not lost) can easily point to the reason why they lost this game.

Rettig has potential. Chase Rettig has a definite grasp of the BC offense and looks like he will guide BC to a winning season. Today’s game, with all the turnovers and miscommunication, is seemingly a fluke for this team. Even in the loss, Rettig broke the 400 yard mark. That kind of potential on Offense will work for the eagles this season.

The Duke of Miami: Freshman TB Duke Johnson will be the next great Miami running back. The kid will follow in the lines of the Edge, Frank Gore and Willis McGahee. The fun thing, for the rest of the college football landscape is we will be able to watch him for the next three years.

No new updates on UNM. Stupid espn. At least they are still winning.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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