Tomorrow I need to work on “If Juliet Never Died: The Diaries of Hailey Harrison.” The play is a loose retelling of the last year of how RHV was created with fictional aspects integrated to make the story a bit more three dimensional.

I should be working on it now – that would be the mature decision. But I want to read, I want to go downstairs, turn on the late late show with Craig Ferguson (btw, the new set is really cool. I need to go down and watch a complete episode.), crack open another beer, and delve into the mind of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The only thing inhibiting me at this point is the less than 900 words standing in my way.

Didn’t this picture come out good? It is the header on his page. I love it. Be sure to check out what projects he has going on at his school!

I was productive today; I was able to launch a rough draft of a blog for my dad’s job. I spent parts of the day following him around and listening to the different projects he has going on. He is facilities manager at a local catholic high school and has talked about wanting to showcase what his department is doing to the general project for the last couple of days.

Work for the BSU newspaper is beginning to take shape as well. I have been in touch with one of their editors and already have a couple fo venues to check out in the next couple of weeks. For the music reviews, I really want to get into a longer form/Rolling Stone type of format. I think that could be really cool – to get at the heart of why they make music and to showcase the struggle of just getting to the stage.

A good review isn’t about sports, art, music, politics or any one isolated subject. It’s about the struggle of the human to accomplish the goal they set out to do. If I can do a bunch of those types of stories to start the semester off, well I will be a very happy drunkard.

I need to clean my tavern on the roof. The room is still a mess from the search to find the damned office disc and I need to reorganize the room to allow the creative juices to flow a bit more freely.

I think I want to focus on my poetry a bit more. I want to write commentary on the world and I want to attempt it through poetry. Traditionally it is the mark of measure amongst writers. I want to see where I stand. With the mess that is our country’s political system, shouldn’t I have good fodder for something substantial?

One would think.

I nearly forgot: College Football is on tomorrow!

I have a deep connection with the sport because I resided in it for so long of my life at the University of New Mexico. College Football was everything good about my first collegiate experience. The sights, the sounds, the moods, the people: it was everything I didn’t know it could be.

I hope Boston College doesn’t suck this year. Their worst decision was firing the former Packer coach. He was to create a dynasty. He had an offense that was vaunted at various points (granted, having Matt Ryan was a definite plus). They play Miami tomorrow around 3:30 on ABC. That is one of those games that would have been scary ten years ago. But now, even with Miami’s growth last season, it still seems that they are not quite there yet. That if they are attacked the right way they could unravel.

Let’s hope BC finds where to spool the thread tomorrow.

UNM might play tomorrow as well. Game one for them is Southern University, a FCS school. It should be a W. Granted, the optimal word is should. UNM lost to an FCS school last season and the defense has lost more than they have gained. The Lobo’s season hinges on Bob Davie and whether or not he can make the athletes in that university into football players.

Today was Cut day for the NFL! I almost forgot that too.

Two shocking cuts from the patriots. Dan Koppen was expected given the reports during the past two days, but to see Deion Branch and Brian Hoyer go is unexpected. From what I thought, Branch was to be the third receiver. And Hoyer, I felt he had a better grasp on the overall offense; even if Mallet lead more scoring drives. I guess the rationale is Hoyer has leveled out and Mallet still has a ceiling to reach – which is enough justification for cut a team needs.

I just checked the Red Sox box score for Friday. I don’t really understand the dissent this team has taken this year. The moves the organization keep making only seem to have the organization backwards.

In the world of Netflix: I am back to Mad Men, season four actually. I’m watching the first episode of season four and I like the take the office has taken and I like the slight shift in Peggy Olsen (Elizabeth Moss). She seems more confident, more assertive.

By the way, I don’t think I have gone off on a character rant in a while (the last sentence doesn’t count). The take John Slattery has on Roger Sterling is genius. I’ve read this in blog after blog after blog and I never quite knew why. The quick wit, the somewhat dry delivery, every feature  fits in the type a, narcissistic personality that the character needs.

There are four posters surrounding my TV/Writing area in my room. Barack Obama’s Hope, A BB King event poster, a Blues Brothers Event poster and a Johnny Lang event poster. I think the posters influence me greatly. They’re bold, they have definitive images, and they tell a clear story. They remind me to be upfront, to tell the story the way it is meant to be told.

I want to keep that in consideration for the following year. I want to make sure the stories come off bold and inventive. I guess now would be the perfect time to figure all that out.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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