I have a bunch of movies. Well more than 300 at this time. And with such a wide selection, I always go back to a certain few. Those few may change throughout time, but I am always loyal to those movies.

“Shakespeare in Love” is on my screen today. It’s a wonderful movie (obviously it won X awards). Gwenyth Paltrow is outstanding; her monologues, her presence, her breasts.

Give it a look. The link is under “I agree.”

I’ve been in quite the Shakespeare mode lately. A book I read by Harold Bloom asserts Shakespeare was the innovator of the human condition. I agree.

Look at the plays and the literature prior to Shakespeare – they were mainly remnants of a catholic reformation era that disregarded much of the secular realm. The Bard created us by allowing us to feel the nature of the world we live in – not the nature designed by a priest.

I’ve been kind of productive today. I’ve called around for a rim for my car, begun to rewire the TV’s in the house, and my biggest accomplishment of the day has been the mockups I made for my grandfather.

My grandfather creates birdhouses, mailboxes and the like. For years he has sold them in craft fairs and curbside. But now he can venture out and sell these things on a broader scale.

I made him three pages: a wordpress page, a Facebook page and a paypal account page (which isn’t actually made yet. Once he approves of the other two sites we will work on the third one.

I am excited to serve as moderator on the account. The majority of the posting will be photos of his work and locations where he sells. I think it will be fun. Ever since his wife passed, my grandmother, it has been him and the cat my Uncles and Aunts got for him. Maybe by doing this it will give him one more thing to attend to.

By my head here come the Capulets, by my heel I care not.

Had to.

I got my syllabus for my Rhetoric of New Media class today. A requirement of which is considerable blogging (check). From what I have read thus far it focuses on what rhetoric is and the different forms of New Media. I hope there is more usage of techniques. I guess that is why we are required to do a blog post every week. 300 large words. I was done with that 116 words ago.

I think I want to read a new book. Fully. Not start it, get bored with it, and add it to the monument of incompletely formed, fully-fledged ideologies. I want to read it all.

I like the selection of book the Cape Cod Barnes & Noble had. Granted it is most likely the same selection of classic literature as every other Barnes and Noble worldwide, but on the day I went the aesthetics were strikingly pleasing.

I think I will continue my recent infatuation with Fitzgerald. We read some of his works in my last English class at CNM. The Ice Palace stayed in my head for a long time. There is a book with interesting cover art that catches my eye every time I pass through. With just more than a week before I begin preparing for school, I should probably do something to end my summer vacation and my two semester hiatus on a high note.

One week today starts the camp for the Bridgewater State paper. I must admit I am nervous. I have to learn a new editing system, come up with fresh stories and meet new people. And I have to get my ass up at 6:00 a.m. to be at Bridgewater by 9:00 a.m. That will be rough.

But at the very least I will be able to write on sports. I will be able to write about Football and have it be relevant to the school paper. I won’t have to justify it or really hear people about why sports are in the paper. It’s going to be fucking awesome!

I hope they don’t suck – the football team, and everyone else that it. I just came from one sucky football team (granted, they were/are an FBS school) and I don’t know if I survive another year of people getting blown out. It’s demoralizing to write about.

(Tangent: I got sick of watching Mad Men and went into some movies. This is Spinal Tap just started. Did you know Fran Dresher is/was in that movie? How crazy is that? Totally unexpected.)

They’re a division three school and just named a student assistant to a coaching position. (Red Flag?) I guess it doesn’t matter – They have a good (decent) history of success. One coach was there for about 36 years and had close to 200 wins and the dude that took over for him has close to a 70 percent record – although it seems he is trending downward.

The stats are interesting. 200 yards a game rushing and just under 150 passing. It makes me curious what there play calling style is.

Looking at the individual numbers it doesn’t look like they have any ballers – stat hogs. They have two running backs with more than 600 rushing yards and three with more than 400. Stats like that scream wing-t. It should be fun to watch.

That was sarcasm.

Addendum to the above: Their best quarterback was a 50 percent passer. How the fuck can you be in college and complete only 50 percent of your passes. It is looking more and more like a semester of watching the option.

They averaged less than 1000 people in their past two home games. How can you be a collegiate team and not have solid attendance at your games? The largest attendance was 2000 people. I guess it isn’t bad in terms of percentage of people (enrollment for 2011-2012 was just more than 11,000 people), but in terms of community support and overall enthusiasm about the team – it sounds low.

I guess I can make more assumptions when I see the stadium.


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