So i like to try everything. I’ve done LA, Math, Social Studies, Science, PE, Art and today, Sped. So far, it’s been a cakewalk. This is the sped with no cognative disabilities. It’s essentially the kids that have a little trouble in a certain subject.

I think when you say “Sped” it has a connotation that is negative. When i heard Sped i thought it was going to be something utterly different than this. I thought i would be dealing with things reminiscent to that Johnny Knoxville flick a bunch of years ago. It soooo wasnt that. It was just kids who needed a little more help in LA and Science.

I think public schools here should follow the lead of colleges and just call it remeidal learning. It really is that more than anythng else (based off of my one day of experience).

I kinda question the amount of money school districts put into sped. Last week i was teaching classes of 25-30 students. Today, my biggest class size has been eight. Eight kids to a teacher! Thats a 25-1 ratio versus a 8-1 ratio. Thats a crazy inequality. Imagine how our students would be learning if the teacher to student ratio was somewhere in the middle of that.

At the very least, we wouldnt be handcuffing six-year olds.

Well, i have one class left for the day. LA. We are taking turns reading passages and doing a worksheet. Gotta love busy work. With so much busy work are they actually learning something?


What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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