Here are some of the places to go when killing time or on a date.

Things to do:

Albuquerque Uptown

By Nick Christian

The Bohemian Rock Star


The loss of Borders at the Albuquerque Uptown shopping area greatly inhibits the options of shopping one has in that area. While people wanting books or overpriced dvd’s now have to brave the parking lot of Coronado Center, Albuquerque Uptown still has plenty more options for a night out – whether it be a date, or a night out with friends.


For Dinner:

–     On a Date: “Bravo Cucina Italiana”

  • o While there are lots of quaint, unique-to-the-area, restaurants throughout the city of Albuquerque, there is a mystique about eating at a place like Bravo. For the classical romantics, it has a sophisticated feel that isn’t too chainy or over-priced.

–     With Friends: “Elephant Bar”

  • o The cool thing about the Elephant Bar is the relaxed feel. It’s the perfect place to go before a night out for drinks and appetizers. Get there early though; it kind of gets packed later in the night.

For shopping (lingering):

–     The Apple Store

  • What’s better than looking at stuff you can’t afford? It’s an American pastime. Personally, I have an Android phone and don’t like the massive amount of people asking me questions while I shop. But to each his own. There is a reason why that story is always so freaking busy.

–     Anthropologie

  • I’ve never actually been in this store. But it looks pretty. I’m guessing it’s a clothes store. I mean, I see people looking through racks of clothes when I walk by; so it’s a safe bet to say it is a clothes store. I think I’ll go in before I leave Albuquerque.

For Desert:

–     Yo-Yo Bliss

  • I always forget this place is there (It’s behind Lucky jeans), which sucks because what’s better than frozen yogurt? (Crickets) right, you’ve got nothing!

–     Nestle Toll House Café

  • Dude. If you’re unsure of if there is anything for you in Albuquerque Uptown, you have not been to Nestle. Cookies and Ice cream are the specialties. If you have kids, it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon treat. Even if you don’t have kids; go get a cookie, sit outside and watch the rich people shop.

For Fun:

–     UA Winrock Theatre six

  • I love movies. I really do. I find going to the movies can be a reaffirming experience. Winrock is the best movie theater in the city (provided what you want to see is playing) because it is not as crowded as 24 or downtown. Recommendation: get out of work early one day and catch a matinee. You’ll feel better. Promise.

–     Albuquerque Uptown Sports Bar

  • It came between this place and the new Ojos Locos bar. While a normal journalist would go sample places, Uptown is closer to my apartment and therefore wins my loyalty. Plus they have karaoke. That’s fun.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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