Off base signs:

Parking signs vague according to student

By Nick Christian

Staff Reporter

Student shows ticket security signed

Don Lees, a student in the school of Business and Information Technology, claims the signs in CNM’s paid parking lots are misleading.

Since CNM has required all vehicles on its lot to have a general parking permit, Lees said that with the way the signs are currently written – the signs say Permit Parking only – CNM should not be handing out tickets.

“That’s an open and conscious fraud, plain and simple,” said Lees. “You may as well go out there and have paid parking.”

Multiple CNM employees were contacted for comment. All employees were unavailable the three days prior to Thanksgiving.

Lees said he was ticketed while his vehicle was parked on CNM’s PPD lot. He said he was coming out of his Information Technology class, found the ticket on his car and called had security called so he could talk to them about the ticket.

Once security arrived, Lees said he had them drive around the parking lot to look at the signs present in the lot. They came back, told Lees the signs they saw, and signed his ticket. The officers wrote, “No sign stating PPD lot, only sign seen was permit parking.”

Lees said there needs to be general parking close to the library.

“No one wants to walk four blocks to get to the library,” said Lees. “This is our main source of information, it should be accessible.”

Lees said with winter approaching, he is worried about how the walkways and paths to areas like the SRC will be maintained.

“It’s not just me who I’m fighting for,” said Lees, “Who I’m fighting for are the struggling students, that $20 would totally devastate.

“I don’t want to pay the $20, who does? But if I was in the wrong, and they had proper signage I wouldn’t have anything to complain about.”


Note: This is the unedited version of a piece seen in the CNM Chronicle. In no way is the CNM Chronicle liable for the content of this piece. The existance of this post is to serve as a piece in a portfolio of the author.

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