The practice dummy awaits the next eager student.

BIT students host CPR event

By Nick Christian

Staff Reporter

The Project Heart Start event held in Smith Brasher Hall last week was the end result of a Hospitality and Tourism class project, according to Part time Instructor Charlene Selbee.

The main project for the class, according to Selbee, is to coordinate an event. Students had to find a client, coordinate event logistics and deal with clients and vendors, according to the part time instructor.

Selbee gave the students a head start by finding them a client prior to the term beginning. She provided the students with CNM’s Marketing and Communication Office who partnered with Channel Seven’s Dr. Barry Ramo to host the Project Heart Start event.

“They were unbelievable clients, the type of clients you want to work with,” said Selbee. “They helped create a safe environment.”

Selbee said that her hopes are to have the spring edition of this class to put on another event. She said she choose the CPR event this term because it lasted the required 16-week time frame and that it was a “rewarding” process to be involved in.

Tammy Hadley was one of the students involved in the project. She said this is the first time she had been involved in planning an event like this.

“What I realized is you don’t know anything,” said Hadley, commenting on the things she learned from going into the event. She said the whole process was very involved and that it was important to pay attention to detail.

“You have to come up with risk-management contingency plans for absolutely everything,” said Hadley.

One of the things Hadley said she learned was planning an event like this takes a team.

“It takes people doing their job,” said Hadley.

Project Heart Start is a nationwide hands-only CPR training event, according to the Marketing and Communication Office.

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