It seems like an easy answer, doesn't it?

Could CNM beat UNM at football?

By Nick Christian

I know. CNM does not have a football team. They are not even the same type of learning
institution as UNM. But because of the college’s proximity to the university
and the similar enrollment sizes, is it conceivable that CNM could beat UNM at

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

CNM has no academic requirement for admission. That means the best high school
athletes from the Albuquerque area, who did not get into their institution of
choice, have the ability to attend the college. While UNM has the luxury to
bring in athletes from other states, those athletes have to meet specific
academic requirements before they can lace up their cleats.

CNM would have more heart. In many cross-town rivalries winning equals respect.
Winning a contest pitting UNM against CNM would mean more to CNM. The majority
of CNM are people from the central New Mexico area while a lot of UNM’s players
are from out of town. CNM athletes would fight harder to maintain the pride of

Or at the very least, it would Albuquerque something to be proud about.

Picture the following. CNM is that poor school in the beginning of bad football movies:
no one quite knows how to put on the shoulder pads, there’s that one kid who is
flying around like a plane, but ultimately the team resolves an issue midway
through the movie that gives them the confidence to take on the team that
everyone else believes will beat them (although in this case, it may be a
stretch casting UNM in that role).

It could happen, right?

Let’s look at the practicalities. The Lobos have no confidence; no swag, as the
modern youth might say. They have been beaten down so many times that it is
reasonable to believe they have to doubt themselves in every fight. How can
someone fight if they don’t walk into the fight believing they can (and will)

The Suncats of Central New Mexico have one thing going for them, the ability to
fight. Students at CNM have fought the majority of their lives. With an average
age of 29 years, each student attending CNM has a story about their own
personal fight to get educated. That perseverance of will is the one major
advantage CNM will always have against the university off of university.

Now, I recognize that the majority of this is just hypothetical ramblings. The odds
that CNM has 100 bad Football Subdivision athletes in attendance at the college
are possibly very unlikely. Like really, schools in such close proximity often
are not both as horrible as UNM.

Could CNM beat UNM at football? Yeah, anyone can do something; Boston College beat
Miami in 1984, Appalachian State beat Michigan. The real question is who, in
Albuquerque, would care if CNM beat UNM in a football game?

My guess is not many people would care. New Mexico really isn’t the best sports
state unless the game is inside (Thank gosh it is basketball season. UNM
Athletics won’t start have to refinancing buildings).

Prediction: If CNM was to play UNM within the next year (meaning getting a team together
and ready to play) it would be the most favorable Vegas line UNM has seen all
year. CNM would only be favored by a couple of points.


What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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