Andrew Luck is for real.
I didn’t watch much of the Stanford quarterback last week versus Washington. But from what I have taken from this game, I think he will do awesome in the nfl.
The first thing I like to look at with a college quarterback is his progression (I think footwork is coachable). I counted luck going to his forth read at times during longer plays. He may be have the legs of Aaron Rodgers, but its clear he is a pass-first qb.
Whatever team drafts him gets a leader. He had total command of the Stanford offense. From the first scoring drive to the drive to tie the game at the end of the fourth, it was clear he was in control.

Quick tangent to end: USC is good. Once the penalties are lifted, this team will be competing for titles.

The game currently is 48-41 USC,  with Standford driving in the second o.t.
Luck through a jump ball to a dude whose name I wont even try to spell.
It was a six eight tightens that just man handled the db. Game tied again, now ot #3.

Side note: there’s nothing cooler than the la coliseum

Standford gashes them on the ground to make it 54-48. 2pt attempt coming. Players have to love games like this
There great stat games.
Luck gets the two point. He hits the te on a well executed delay route. Its now usc’s turn.

Wow. Marcus lee almost got it all on one play. He stepped out of bounds at the four.
Heartbreaker for USC. Fumble in the end zone, Standford recovers.


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