Here we go. First off, im stolked I actually got the east coast game on my home tv.

Steelers get the ball first. Decent return off the kick off.

Just learned mayo is active. It’ll be interesting to see how much he plays.

Pitt converts a 3 and 2 to heath miller.

Another first down to miller. Ben had to get the ball off quick.

Seriously, its like the heath miller show right now. Belicheck has to be shouting “cover the white guy!”

Pats are getting good pressure on ben. It’ll be an interesting thing to watch as the game progresses.

Finally the white guy drops one. 2nd and goal
Mende picks up 3 on a toss. Moore in for him on 3rd.
Moore gets the ball on a slant type route, touchdown. Steelers 7, pats 0. 9:08 left in the first quarter.

Drive #1 notes. Pats did very well stopping the run. Getting middle pressure on ben will be the priority in the next drive for the defense.

Ball kicked out of bounds by the steelers. Pats get the ball at the 40.

Its good to see k.faulk in the backfield.

3 and out for the pats. Brady missed on a slant to branch. Looked like he was held a little bit.

Steeler ball.

Tangent: I know commercial spots during the supervisor are prime. But what about regular games?

Looks like the steelers are primarily going to pass in this one.

Miller has 5 catches thus far. Check that, 6. Pace wise he will shatter the single game rec. Seriously guard him.

Bad tackling by the pats so far. Steelers wrs just look fast. Time out Patriots

With 156 left in the quarter, the pats have run 3 plays from scrimmage.

Steelers in a first and goal after a draw by Mende.

Ben called a to with 18 secs left in the quarter. He looked as if he was limping towards the sideline. So far, the steelers have a 24-3 advantage in plays called.

Ben sacked by Wilfork. End of the first.

Patriots had the ball for 1:24 in the first quarter. Ben went back to pass 20 times.

Bens hurt. Into the locker room.

Bens back. That was short lived.

Danny gets a decent return to the 21.
Tom hits wes on a quick out. 2nd and 3.
Faulk for 2. 3rd down.
The firm gets the first.
Faulk gets the first. Pats driving.
Defensive holding. First down pats.
Good ole fashioned tussle after the play. Late flag on a 2nd down play.
Pass interference on the steelers.
False start on mankins
Incomplete to welker
Nothing on 2nd down.
Brady sacked. Center missed the block. Patriots punt.

Im beginning to think live blogging this may have been a bad idea. Patriot receivers cannot get off the line. The d really needs a quick 3-out right here.

Ben sacked. 3rd down for pit.

Gary Guyton with a clutch pic. Pats ball on the steeler 9

K Faulk gets 5. He looks fast. Time well rested I guess. Branch on a quick out. Touchdown patriots. 10-7 game.

Steelers start at roughly their 26.  A little more than 8 minutes in the 2nd.

Does anyone else understand the Verizon commercials?

Steelers driving after a couple of offsetting penalties.
2-10 on the 26. Ben hits Wallace on a deep inn. 1st down on the pats 14.

Ben hits antonio brown for a 7-yard td. 17-7 steelers.

2 min warning.

Pats are moving the ball well in the 2 minute drive with the exception of the sack just on brady.

Direct snap to Faulk on 3rd and 17. Pats in fg range. Gos hits a 46 yarder.

Im putting this down now. Obviously live blogging is not working for my team.


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