Incidents of Larceny increase 65 percent

Jean Cleary report details incidents of crime

By Nick Christian

Staff Reporter

Incidents of Larceny at CNM have increased 65 percent – 153 cases in 2010, 93 in 2009 – in the last academic year according to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. The number has increased dramatically since 2008, almost doubling in total amounts – there were 67 cases of Larceny in 2008.

CNM’s main campus saw the highest amount of Larcenies. The campus on University and Baseheart recorded 122 cases of the crime. Montoya campus recorded the second highest frequency of the case with 17 occurring last academic year.

“Part of the fact is that we have more students,” said Lieutenant Marquessa Hawkins in regards to the increase of larcenies. “We have a variety of people that are coming in compared to how it was a few years ago.”

Hawkins said that it seems the majority of larcenies occur outside of the Follet bookstore on Main campus.

“Most of these thefts are right outside the bookstore,” said Hawkins. “We are being very diligent in trying to control those areas.”

The Jean Cleary report is an annual report required for all institutions of higher learning. The report details crime statistics and security policies for an institution.

Also included in the document is a list of do’s and don’ts for the student, faculty or staff member to follow to minimize the threat of personal violence. Also in the document are listed with tips on making your workplace secure, tips for safety in transit, and tips for the parking lot


(((B))) Do’s

  • Project Calmness: move and speak slowly, quietly and confidently,
  • Be an empathetic listener: encourage the other person to talk and listen patiently,
  • Focus your attention on the other person to let them know you are interested in what they have to say,
  • Maintain a relaxed yet attentive posture and position yourself at a right angle rather than directly in front of the other person,
  • Acknowledge the person’s feelings. Indicate that you can see he/she is upset.


(((B))) Don’t

  • Don’t use styles of communication that generate hostility such as apathy, brush off, coldness, condescension, and robots, going strictly by the rules or giving them the run-around,
  • Pose in challenging stances such as directly opposite someone, hands on hips or crossing your arms. Avoid any physical contact, finger pointing or long periods of fixed eye contact,
  • Make sudden movements that can be seen as threatening. Notice the tone, volume and rate of your speech,
  • Challenge, threaten or dare the individual. Never belittle the person or make him/her feel foolish,
  • Criticize or act impatiently toward the agitated individual.


For those who wish to pick up a copy of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act, a report can be mailed to you by calling (505) 224-4632. Or, a report can be picked up in person at the CNM Security Office at 725 University SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87106.


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