Governing Board approves raise request

Administration to ask for increased state funding in 12-13

By Nick Christian

Staff Reporter

CNM’s Governing Board granted administration approval to ask for a three percent raise from the New Mexico Higher Education Department for all faculty and staff in the 2012-2013 academic year during the latest Governing Board meeting.

The raise, if approved by the higher education department, would go into effect July 1, 2012.

Vice President of Planning and Budget Katherine Ulibarri presented the proposal. She said faculty and staff worked diligently to serve record enrollment and it is very important for them to receive the increase in salary. Administration requested the approval to ask for the raise in funding because CNM’s administration “believes” in its faculty and staff said Ulibarri.

“Our faculty and staff members have all directly felt the impact of our troubled economy,” said Ullibarri. “Our faculty and staff have not received incurring compensation increase in three years.”

The motion was passed unanimously and applauded by the audience afterward. Acting Chairman Blair Kaufman commended the words Ulibarri said.

“I think the words you spoke are absolutely true and we need to do everything we can to let everyone here at CNM know how important their work is and how much we appreciate it,” said Kaufman. “If it is ever possible to do this we want to be very supportive.”

CNM staff and faculty were notified of the pending resolution prior to the Governing Board meeting. CNM President Katharine Winograd explained what the resolution was and why they were requesting it in an email a day prior to the meeting.

Winograd explained that the college has seen a 30 percent decrease in state funding during the last three years and, if approved, CNM’s administration would place the three percent increase as one of their top priorities going into New Mexico’s upcoming legislative session in January.

Winograd wrote that while this has been a trying time at CNM, CNM has seen more students graduate with certificates and degrees and recognized that can only be attributed to the faculty and staff.

“I am thankful to each one of you for the devotion to your work, your devotion to the success of our students, and your devotion to the continued success of our great community college,” wrote Winograd.

The Governing Board approved three other projects: a certification of inventory and fixed assets, an internal audit report of the bookstore’s contract, and the restoration of the A-Building restroom.

Two reports were given in addition to the standing committees and president’s report. Vice President of Academic Affairs Beth Pitonzo reported on CNM’s academic assessment policies and Martin Serna reported on CNM’s investment activities during the past academic year.


President’s Report notes:

  • CNM received a $1.3 million grant called the “Stem Up” grant. The five year grant will serve students who transfer to CNM to UNM in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Winograd thanked Dean of Enrollment Eugene Padilla for his work on the project.
  • CNM’s Dual Credit program is experiencing an all-time high in enrollment this term. 1,476 high school students are participating this term.
  • Notified the audience of the state nursing conference that was held in the Workforce Training Center.
  • The Student Resource Center received an award from the New Mexico Chapter of American Institute of Architects. The building received the 2011 award of merit from the southwest chapter of the International Interior Design Association and the 2011 BNR Southwest Award of Merit for Best Higher Communication Process.

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