Breaking news! The lobos will receive the first ever “F” rating in NCAA 13.  But seriously, this has to be the week locksley gets locked out of the tow diem facility.
Unm gave up close to 375 on the ground, and,  at least statistically, looked over-matched. The quarterback that should have started the game didn’t come in until the second half.
Unm plays state next weekend at university stadium. I wonder if there will be more maroon than cherry in the stands?
If the lobos let locksley linger around any longer, his affects on this franchise will be felt long after his inevitable dismissal. This team has no linemen, no defense, essentially no competitive talent.
If unm is really in dire straights financially, it might be smarter to stop playing football at this point. It’ll be less painful for everyone involved.
The firing of locks feels close.


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