It’s time for City Council to man up;

Schedule a DOJ investigation on APD

By Nick Christian

Staff Reporter

20 deaths caused by police shootings in 20 months is the current kill mark tally for Albuquerque Police. Police are protectors of peace, not enforcers of self-righteous justice. The people want to feel safe and that was evident in the latest addition of the city council meeting. The mayor and the city council need to request an investigation of the department and the people will let them keep their jobs; for now.

The Albuquerque city council was supposed to vote on requesting a department of justice investigation in regards to the Albuquerque police department shootings earlier last week. The city council decided to compromise.

I don’t think they know what compromise means.

Evidently a compromise, according to the Albuquerque city council, means if the department of justice decides to investigate, the council and Mayor Richard Berry would support it.

Ya know: if Natalie Portman, Anna Kendrick and Evan Rachael Wood were to look me up online, track me down, and sing a lovely three-piece harmony amongst a crowd of onlookers about the wonders of my love; I’d support it.

If McDonalds were to create the McAwesome, and it was simultaneously delicious and cheap; I’d support it.

If tomorrow: I was to lose a significant amount of weight, receive a bigger salary, and have the degree I was supposed to have three years ago; why by golly I would whole-heartedly endorse it.

Seriously, the Albuquerque city council has to get off their knees and keep putting the original request on the Mayor’s desk until it is answered.

Agreeing to “compromise” in this instance is like the 30-year-old single woman continually going back to that bassist they spent the summer with that one year in college. You know he mistreats you, doesn’t listen and might – definitely does – have issues with substance abuse; but you think you might be the one to get him to listen.

Honestly, Berry needs to get props for pulling off the first-ever Jedi mind trick. Imagine this:


The Albuquerque city council representative walks into Berry’s office.

Representative: Mayor, we have a proposal to request an investigation into APD.

The Mayor looks at the file handed to him by the representative and then back up at the representative.

Mayor: (waving his hands) These aren’t the cops you’re looking for.

Representative: They aren’t? Wow, Do I feel stupid. Ha ha ha. Hey, if they are, would you be cool with an investigation?

The Mayor and the representative look at each other in silence for a moment.

Mayor: Sure.


I bet that happened. Can’t you see that happening?

Bottom line: this has to stop. There shouldn’t be mothers crying on the local news about how the police didn’t listen, Fathers shouldn’t look on in disbelief as their sons and daughters are carried away, and spouses shouldn’t have their plans and dreams uprooted by a stray bullet,

The people of Albuquerque need closure. It’s time to give it to them.


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