UNM Lobo football fans are pathetic. If the prolonged ineptitude of mike locksley were to happen anywhere else (an aq conference, a non-aq conference, a fcs team) he would be gone. Long gone. Probably working high school.
But somehow the university of New Mexico doesn’t care that the football team, the athletic symbol of their university in the fall,  is this abysmal. Everytime the lobos take the field its like the university is yelling a flagrant Fuck you to the city of albuquerque.
Will the schools athletic ever be good in the sports that actually make money (no one cares about soccer or track)? Or will the school watch its athletic program crumble at the hands of mike locksley and Paul krebs?
I can’t give you an answer. All I know is they need to #firemikelocksley. Now.


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